"FIVB Women´s World Volleyball Championship"
(2010) 6 days x 8 hours satellite
Client: Globosat / TV Globo / SporTV (Brazil)

IVW organised the OB Van, SNG Van / flyaway, HD cameras, switcher, etc., English/Japanese staff & coordination, for 6 days (plus setup) of live coverage of 2 games per day at stadiums in Nagoya and Tokyo. Contact us for cost-effective, high quality, multi-camera production and satellite feeds.

See: globo.com (in Portuguese)

Globosat – "Women's Volleyball Championship"
"Tokyo Motor Show 2009"
Client: HONDA Europe

"Tokyo Motor Show 2009" (2009) 4'56"
Client: HONDA Europe

This clip is part of a series of VNRs (Video News Release) shot and rough cut by Michael Goldberg, on the first Press Day of the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show. IVW also organised the satellite feed to Germany, and edited reports the following day aired on N24, Sat.1, 9Live and kabel eins, as well as uploaded clips to various Web sites.

See: www.hondanews.eu/en/

HONDA - "Tokyo Motor Show 2009"

"Timezone launch" (2005) 1 hour
Client: Lange & Söhne

Live satellite feed produced by TV Skyline, for cascading worldwide launch event in 36 cities of the "Lange 1 Time Zone," a luxury watch for wealthy travelers. IVW took care of local planning, site survey, directing 2 cameras & switching, lighting and sound, viewing throughout venues in Tokyo and Fukuoka, backup recording, 2 SNG vans and uplink, live coordination with other countries and Intelsat, etc.

See: www.tv-skyline.de (auf Deutsch / in German)

Lange & Söhne - "Time Zone launch"

"Nagoya Musume Kabuki" (1998) 1 hour live satellite feed
Client: State of Minnesota

On the occasion of the ITU (Intʼl Telecom Union) Plenipotentiary Conference in Minneapolis, artists from 4 countries were given one hour of satellite time to communicate with students in Minnesota. In Japan we used 3-cameras – one on sticks, one handheld, one behind a 2-way make-up mirror – and switcher, uplinked to PanAmSat from the American Center in Nagoya via SNG van (2-way audio / 1-way video), linked by PictureTel to high schools across the state. Students asked questions through an interpreter, via our Gentner phone interface.

State of Minnesota - "Musume Kabuki"
2009 nanotech Convention
Client: nanoAlberta

nanoAlberta (2009) 90 minutes of raw footage
Client: Government of the Province of Alberta

Video documentation of nanotechnology fair and Canadian booth, recording of presentations and interviews, same-night ftp upload of mp3 recordings and stills, for use on nanoAlberta's Website.

See: nanoalberta.ca

nanoAlberta - "2009 nanotech Convention"
"Earthquake Test"
Client: National Science Foundation

"Earthquake Test" (2009) 4'54" final edit
Client: NSF (National Science Foundation)

Powerful earthquake test on a 6 story wooden apartment – built to US researchers' standards by US construction firms – at E-Defense near Kobe, the largest quake simulator table in the world. After 2 days of advance shooting and ftp upload check, the shake test was recorded with 3 HDV cameras – one unattended near the building, one handheld next to the Project Director, another camera op on tripod opposite. All 3 cameras' footage, an interview, and b-roll had to be uploaded rush to the NSF's ftp site, for use in a live Internet program several hours after the test. A runner and data wrangler got the P2 cards onto the edit laptop in time for me to direct the edit. Shipped 2 HDDs (one for safety) with all the footage and edits to the NSF for editing afterward.

See: www.nsf.gov/news/special_reports/

National Science Foundation - "Earthquake Test"

5th World Congress – PCCS
(2009) two live 1 hour feeds, morning & afternoon
Client: World Congress of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery

Live amplatzer surgery with commentary from the operating room and Q&A by cardiologists from the convention floor in Cairns, Australia (where there was large screen projection). Cascading connections to hospitals in Japan, South Korea, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and India. Worldwide production by AVSS. Okayama, Japan production by IVW – coordination, site survey, technical planning, setup & rehearsal day & 2 live operations the following day, 2 HDV cameras with American operators (in lead aprons), 2 fluoroscopes, 2 echo machines, computer with physiological data, laptop with pdfs, multiformat switchers and converters, wireless mics, mix-minus audio, SNG van uplink, international phone coordination, tech and camera ops and satellite coordination… simultaneously in English and Japanese!

Producer Website: www.avss.com

PCCS – "Live cardiac surgery transmission"
SBS - "Declining Birthrate"
Client: SBS

"Declining Birthrate" (2006) 4'
Client: SBS (Australia)

Research & coordination, interviews, b-roll, fast rough edit and satellite feed of report for "Insight," a current affairs "forum based" programme with studio audience discussion.

See: news.sbs.com.au/insight

SBS - Declining Birthrate
"Rescue Team"
Client: Telenoticias

"Rescue Team" (1995) 2'03"
Client: Telenoticias

Soon after the destructive Kobe earthquake, the producer, reporter, myself (camera op / editor), and the audio tech made our way there from Osaka via back roads. Journalists were permitted to sleep on the floor of a newly completed office building. We shot, edited, and fed several reports daily from SNG vans. This story was about the disorganization of authorities during the emergency. Rescue dog teams weren't allowed into Japan at first; then handlers were on their own to try and find locations where they might be useful. (en español / in Spanish)

Telenoticias - "Rescue Team"
"Manif à Seoul"
Client: TF1

"Manif à Seoul" (1991) 1'58"
Client: TF1

Ce reportage de Séoul a été tourné, monté et envoyé par satellite à Paris par Michael Goldberg, lorsque la Corée du Sud était encore une dictature militaire. Chaque année, lors de l'anniversaire des émeutes de 1980 à Kwangjou – où presque 200 étudiants ont été tués dans des fusillades – avaient lieu d'immenses manifestations pour la démocratisation du pays. Nous n'étions que 3 membres de la presse (munis de masques à gaz) qui tournaient du coté des étudiants, face aux forces anti-émeutes qui avaient établi des barrages. Tous les autres journalistes et photographes étaient restés du côté de la police.

Voir: lci.tf1.fr/monde/

TF1 - "Manif à Seoul"